Exploit the potential of exhibition market in central and western China
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Fan Qi, executive vice president of China Foundry Association and secretary general of Machinery and Automobile Exhibition Federation, believes that 2021 will be the "most uncertain" year.


Whether the epidemic beast can return to the cage is uncertain;Whether Trump's legacy to China -- economic and trade decoupling, communication decoupling, technology decoupling, cyber decoupling, etc. -- will ease the uncertainty;Uncertainty about the financial risks of foreign financial institutions entering China and their impact on the real economy...At the same time, it is certain that the trade friction between China and the United States has promoted the transfer of manufacturing to ASEAN and other countries, and international buyers are becoming less dependent on China.Therefore, international exhibitions will continue to be greatly affected in 2021.Under the new development pattern with the domestic cycle as the main body and the international and domestic double cycles mutually promoting, the potential of the domestic market, especially the market potential of the central and western regions, can make up for the loss of the exhibition in the special period, and it is possible to generate and discover new opportunities and achieve greater success.


For the important work of China Foundry Association in the New Year, Fan Qi summed up as two points.First of all, as a 5A-level industry association, advising the government and safeguarding the rights of the industry has always been the top priority of the association.Fan Qi said, "the blue sky battle action plan for three years will be cast as a" high energy consumption, high pollution "industry, and as a base casting technology is should not be included in the" projects ", in 2020, two deputy to the National People's Congress on behalf of the foundry industry, also called for casting removing from the "projects", but are still not fully resolved.


In the New Year, China Foundry Association will continue to make efforts to remove the "two high" cap for the casting and create a better environment for the development of the whole industry.Secondly, the exhibition is the vane of the development of the industry, China Foundry Association will host "China International Foundry Fair" and "China International Die Casting Industry Exhibition" more precise planning, in order to guide and support the development of the foundry industry in a special period of the theme.


Fan Qi said that the exhibition how to respond to the challenges of the new era is China foundry association has been thinking about the problem.In 2021 and the next few years, the number of exhibitors and visitors from Europe and the US is expected to remain low, and some buyers may turn to ASEAN countries.


At present, there are three main coping methods adopted by the association: one is to deeply cultivate the domestic market and develop the "One Belt And One Road" market at the same time;Second, to extend the industrial chain, jointly with the upstream and downstream industry exhibitions held at the same time in the same place, sharing audience resources;Third, make good use of network resources. The Alibaba of the foundry industry -- "Foundry Cloud" has been launched, and online exhibition halls, online conferences, online transactions and online classes have been started. In 2021, the Association will give greater play to the role of the network platform with "Foundry Cloud" as the core to help the steady development of offline exhibitions.

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